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Counselling from your home, car or wherever you are.

Convenient and confidential, video or audio counselling offers the opportunity to connect with a secure counselling session through a private video chat on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Work, travel or busy schedules can make it difficult to get in for face to face appointments.  Video counselling appointments are a convenient way of meeting you where you are. Contact for more information and to set up your sessions.

Any of your counselling sessions can be set up, or existing in person sessions can be modified to a secure video session through our practice management system. Our secure practice management system will generate a personalized, secure link that will be automatically sent directly to you through our appointment confirmation and reminders system - so that you receive the link by text and email. 

Why choose video counselling:

  • The opportunity to work on the same therapeutic goals as a face to face session.

  • Connection in real time. 

  • Convenient – you can access your counselling session from anywhere you are with internet connection.

  • Reduces travel time for sessions. This can offer some relief when you already struggle to find enough hours in the day with everything on your plate.

  • PEI weather can be unpredictable - online counselling is available even when you can't make it in person!

Elm Grove Centre only uses video platforms that are compliant with professional licensing and privacy regulations. Counselling options using video platforms have been a benefit to our clients since 2018. 

What is an online video session like ?

Here is some information on using our video session / telemedicine platform :

  • No need to download an app or create an account. Just use a browser on a computer or device with a camera and microphone.

  • Private and secure : All data using our platforms is encrypted, sessions are anonymous. Adherence is made to PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act)

  • Advantages to online sessions :video sessions allow access to patient care. Telemedicine makes it easier and more convenient for patients to stay healthy and engaged in their health care. Video sessions allow convenience, flexibility, and real-time connection with their care provider.

  • Please make sure you are in a private location that allows you to have the same level of concentration and openness you show in our in-person sessions.


Online Learning.

Online Counselling

Connect with us through video for your counselling sessions.

Girl with Horse

Equine Therapy

Experiential growth and learning, metaphorical, solution oriented, team approach featuring horses.



Integrative psychotherapy approach proven in effectiveness for the treatment of trauma.   

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