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Our Approach

Anyone of us recognizes times in our lives that we feel stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected, not seen for who we are or want to be. Therapy can help us notice our strengths through making space for our feelings, thoughts, experiences, and bringing elements of ourselves that are valuable to us, back to the surface. The therapeutic process is a professional relationship that can help you connect with your unique nourishing toolbox of coping skills that supports and maintains your wellness. My goals as a therapist are to hold a reserved space just for you, to meet the heaviness, explore the stuck places in life so that as a team, we focus on unique ways to reconnect with hope. 

Thank you for choosing Elm Grove Centre, for your counselling services. It is truly a privilege to accompany you on your path to wellness. 

Credentials : 

Josée is a registered clinical social worker by profession who holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Ottawa. She is professionally licenced by the Prince Edward Island Social Work Registration board. Having worked in various capacities as a social worker and counsellor at the levels of government, academic and private settings has given Josée the opportunity to enhance her counselling skills to support adults, families, children and youth. Through her interest in supporting people that are affected by stuck places in their lives, Josée is formally trained in approaches such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in order to provide a highly specialized trauma treatment modality. EMDR therapy is a highly effective psychotherapy treatment aimed to relieve psychological stress and trauma related difficulties. EMDR is described as an extensively researched, integrative psychotherapy approach proven in effectiveness for the treatment of trauma. 

To combine her passion for horses and mental health, Josée became professionally trained and certified by EAGALA (Equine Assisted Grown and Learning Association) and is licensed to provide equine psychotherapy. Equine therapy is a team approach modality to mental health that encompasses a client, horses, equine specialist, and a mental health 

specialist. Equine psychotherapy is a metaphorical, experiential approach to treatment using a client centered, solution-oriented model. 

Josée is additionally trained in Intensive Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, (DBT). 

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