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Helping you hold space for YOU
Responsive services for Mind and Body wellness

Reaching out for help can be much like diving into the unknown.


Know that there is professional support with the knowledge and passion to help.

Following a first contact to set up your initial appointment, you can expect that a typical first session will consist of an opportunity to explore your goals and an assessment of challenges and needs, so that we can build therapeutic goals that best meet you where you are in life.

Elm Grove Centre prides itself on offering an integrative, person centered treatment approach to service delivery. Elm Grove Centre’s mission is to offer a multifaceted approach to well being, accompanied by a skillful team of licensed, qualified service providers. We are a multidisciplinary team featuring mind and body support offering: 


  • Counselling Services (Wellington, Alma and Tignish locations) 

  • Occupational Therapy Services (Wellington and Alma locations)

  • Physiotherapy Services (Wellington Location) 

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Services (Alma Location) 

  • Secure video platform Counselling and Occupational Therapy services (all locations) 

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